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My Favorite Online Boutique

Can you believe it is March? I feel like I was just scarfing cookies and guzzling wine on Christmas Eve with my cousins.

I personally do a TON of online shopping.

I love the excitement of waiting for a package to arrive & I am the type of person who plans way ahead for an event that i’m going to, thus, I always have enough time to order something (usually).

Now don’t get me wrong, it took me a while to find a boutique that I am comfortable purchasing clothes from.

There is nothing worse than being super excited about an item you ordered to find out it’s about 3 sizes too small once it is in your hands.

About 3/4 of my wardrobe is from an Indiana based boutique called: Dottie Couture (

I find that everything on this site is true to size, and I have only ever had to send back (1) item over the past 3 years that I have been shopping here.

They release new items every day at 10 a.m.— & they have several social media accounts that show what they are releasing the night before.


Sometimes when you see something that is super cute, you need to be on the ball of purchasing it.

They have over 83K followers on insta– which means your competing with just about anyone for that article of clothing you’ve dreamed about the night before.

One thing that I personally like about them so much is they offer free shipping to you, and back if you have to return something. Because let’s face it. Sometimes we all question if $7.99 is worth it for them to ship something to you. (&&& this is a small independently owned store offering FREE SHIPPING– unlike all the big box stores that still charge you a ridiculous amount)

Anyways, seriously check out some of their amazing items. Even, if they are on the  Markdown tab, totally worth it!

Some of my other favorite boutiques are:

Mason Jar Boutique (

Poppy and Dot (

Ivy City Co (

Unfortunately, I can’t wear any of this cuteness to school, we have a uniform, and i’m stuck accessorizing tan, black, or navy pants with screen printed t-shirts! 

Leave me a comment of some of the online boutiques you love, below!








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