About Me!


I’m Jenny, a 20 some year old teacher from Pennsylvania. I’m currently a 2-3 year old

teacher for a non-profit company. Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted to be a teacher. I loved playing “school” with my younger sister and cousins–I honestly use to ask my teachers for worksheets she was going to throw away to bring home and use on my own “students”. (LOL)

I enjoy getting up and going to work each and every day. There is nothing better for me than seeing their cute little faces ready to learn (or cause chaos, whichever comes first)!

I’m a super family oriented person! I love spending all my free time with them! They mean the world to me, especially my little sissy and my 13 year old puppy dog, Mindy!

I’m currently engaged to the love of my life! We are hoping for a Fall 2018 wedding! 🙂

I love writing! If I didn’t have an alternative way to express my thoughts, I think I would lose my mind!

I’m excited to be starting this blog as a way of sharing things I’m passionate about; teaching, cooking, fashion, fitness, wedding planning and all the things that I love.

I hope you subscribe and follow along! xo